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Listenalong and comments post...See you all at 9 pm BST or just before.
Calling all BBC Radio Sherlock Holmes fans, and anyone else wanting to find out what I and others have been raving about. I will put up a comments post later.

This evening we will be listening to The Five Orange Pips, links to resources below.


Link to Open Office file:

And the txt file:

Transcript thanks to amaraal
We have three more transcripts to complete in order to cover all the stories not adapted by Granada (which was our original plan) - thanks to the remarkable amaraal, who has done more than anyone else.

I'd very much like to do The Yellow Face, the other two are The Three Students and The Blanched Soldier.

Volunteers please sign up here, thanks folks.
Posted at the wonderful come_at_once 24 hour tag porn community yesterday: Here. Based on a prompt from flawedamythyst via mazarin221b: "the birds and bees".

Summary: Sussex. 1924. It's a beautiful morning, and Sherlock Holmes needs to get...up.

Also at AO3: The Sole Unbusy Thing

Fic: The Tracing of Footsteps, G Written for holmestice as a gift for blueonblue

Now reveals are up, here's a link to the fic at the holmestice community>

Title The Tracing of Footsteps
Author tweedisgood
For blueonblue
‘Verse ACD canon
Rated G
Word count 3287 words
Pairing: Holmes and Watson friendship

Notes: with thanks to the patient and encouraging mazaher for beta reading and helpful suggestions. I must here admit that both the plants mentioned in this story are wholly made up. I plead a certain milk-drinking swamp adder in my defence.

Warning: Victorian period attitudes to race which are offensive.
“Here is my monograph upon the tracing of footsteps, with some remarks upon the uses of plaster of Paris as a preserver of impresses.” The Sign of Four

The Tracing of Footsteps
at 9 pm British Summer Time. Resources links in previous post.

And at 24 degrees centigrade and sunny skies, Summer has finally arrived!