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Happy Birthday, Mr Tweed

He's gone out to athletics practice, having spent most of the day washing the wooden floor in our living room :-)

ME; "Oh, you didn't have to do that, it's your birthday!"

HIM: *shrug* "Well, it's my floor."

They don't make them like that any more :-D
‘Lovers' Knot’
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: Explicit
‘verse: ACD canon
Wordcount: ~1800 words
Written to mistyzeo’s prompt inside 24 hours for the come_at_once porn tag challenge: ‘Too good to be true’. I hope she will not mind my coining one of her choicer ficly phrases. Somewhat more humour and romance than porn – well, it is Valentine’s Day, after all.
I have a thing tonight, and work is, as per usual, steamrollering me into paste, so I really need to announce these babies a week in advance - and gauge interest.

So, who's in? And to what shall we listen? Blanched Soldier, Missing Three Quarter or Reigate Squires? I still haven't done YELL, I'm afraid, see above re work
Footnote [Not For Publication in The Strand]

For: amaraal, with thanks for her transcripts for the BBC Radio Holmes listenalongs.
Pairing H/W established relationship
Rating: Explicit
Words: ~1440
Notes: as requested, footkink. Beta thanks to mistyzeo

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